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While at Boise State University, I focused primarily on game and web development, with an emphasis on Unity, C#, HTML, and CSS. I am proficient with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Microsoft Office, and G Suite.

I have made several small games using Unity, Unreal Engine 4, and Adobe Animate. I've used programs such as Audacity and Adobe Audition, as well as the real-time sound synthesis programming language ChucK, to create sound effects and music for my games.

I have experience developing websites with Wordpress, as well as designing websites both from scratch and using Bootstrap templates.

I also have worked with teams to design apps for both iOS and Android.

I am familiar with XCode and Swift and, utilizing Apple's ARKit, worked with other students to create a prototype for an augmented reality iOS app to help children with learning disabilities learn how to spell.

I also worked with a team to develop a basic Android app to keep record of lost dogs with Ionic and Firebase, using Google Maps API.