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Possessor is a short virtual reality puzzle platformer demo developed with Unity XR.

It was designed with people like myself who experience motion sickness from free movement in mind.

The game's possession system allows the player to solve physics-based platforming puzzles without movement of the camera, which is generally what causes the worst motion sickness.



Hymnprism is an audio visualization program developed in Unity.

The program was created for Boise State University's Luminary, located in the Center for the Visual Arts building.

The project was featured on Idaho News 6.



DarkNoise is a prototype for an audio-based FPS game developed in Unity.

The game takes place in a pitch black environment where only a small area of the ground around the player is visible, and apart from that, the only light sources are orbs that the player can fire into the distance.

Listening closely is required to figure out where enemies are coming from. If one of them reaches you, it's game over.

github (soon)download